Self-taught software engineer with more than 13 years of experience in front-end engineering and 2 years in engineering management. I work effectively in small to mid sized teams, have experience in driving cross-team efforts and mentoring fellow engineers. I've worked remotely for most of my career and prefer remote work to this day.

Why you might want to hire me

I'm skilful at front-end and UI tech. When choosing my next project I'm always looking for challenging and non-trivial products where I could both contribute and grow as engineer and team member. I recognize the value of shipping early and often, and I'm not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. I'm a good communicator and is always open to feedback.

When I'm not a good fit for you

You are a large corp, not remote-first, not people-first. Your management strategy is strictly top-down. As engineer and a team member I strive in a balanced environment where my impact is appreciated and I have a say in what and how we are going to work on next. You are looking for engineering manager, I consider myself a newbie and not enjoying much this type of work, although I recognize the importance of it and the fact that it made me a better engineer.

Work experience

Whimsical, Staff Software Engineer

2023 - now, remote
Continuing my journey of building great products with great people.

Pitch, Senior Software Engineer

2018 - 2023, remote Engineering Manager, 2021 - 2023
Remote again. I was looking for yet another challenge after years of working on traditional websites and dashboards. Pitch has turned out to be not only a great opportunity to become a part of a challenging product engineering-wise, but also a great company that values people and promotes making impact through freedom and by taking responsibility. I've joined the company in its first year and went through multiple stages of its life, I learnt to adapt and understand the need for constant reflection on what we are doing and re-focusing when needed. At Pitch I'm known for my technical expertise and ability to drive cross-team efforts. Apart from taking a part in implementing critical components of product's front-end I also dedicated 2 years to web performance efforts by forming a small team and driving multiple initiatives that resulted in significant improvements in product's performance across the board. We promoted performance mindset within engineering department, created observability tooling and worked with product teams to make sure that we all understand the value of performance and are able to work with it independently, as a part of normal feature development process. Pitch has also adopted a UI library that I developed in the open as their main UI framework. I've driven the adoption and migration process, which was quite successful judging from the feedback of leadership and fellow engineers. I also concluded a series of workshops on Clojure for new hires that helped them to become effective programmers much faster. I was also a part of AI team who explored how modern day AI systems can bring value to customers by improving their experience with the product.

Attendify, Senior Software Engineer

2016 - 2018, on-site
Back to the office. At that time I was looking for a Clojure job, the language has sparkled my interest in building UIs in a different way. Attendify was a local Clojure shop building an event management platform. As a software engineer I've participated in and initiated development of multiple front-end systems within the product.

Redradix, Software Engineer

2015 - 2016, remote
Worked on a number of greenfield projects for a small agency. It was a perfect find for a young software engineer like me, who was eager to learn and acquire experience, make mistakes and learn from them. At that time I've learnt React, tried myself in mobile dev with React Native and got introduced to functional programming via Clojure.

GlobalLogic, Software Engineer

2013 - 2015, on-site
My first job in an office with a proper team and far from home. I see those two years as my way to learn what it entails to work in a team and be a part of a larger org in general.

Freelance, Software Engineer

2010 - 2013, remote
The time when I dropped out of university and decided to dedicate all of my time to learn to code and make some money from it. I've worked on a variety of projects, from simple landing pages and fun interactive animations to mobile-first web apps built with Backbone. I've learned a lot about web development and the hurdles of freelancing during this time.

Open Source

Open source software has played a big role in my career development both in terms of expanding my knowledge and learning to maintain software products that people use.

Public Speaking

I'm an occasional speaker at tech meetups and conferences. Also given that I enjoy teaching people, I've done a number of programming workshops and private mentoring classes.

Technical skills

Deep front-end and web performance experience. Proficient in JavaScript, React, Clojure and ClojureScript. Some experience with backend systems, mainly in Clojure/JVM and Node.js, as well as mobile development with React Native. Some experience in graphics programming in WebGL, three.js, OpenGL and C++.


As an engineer my current interests lie in between UI and graphics programming. I'm also interested in practical applications of modern day AI systems, I believe it's a powerful tool that has potential at improving human workflows in various fields.